Dr Danny McLane presents: Blood Based Nutrition

In an effort to combat these changing times, 
Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane has brought this platform online in order to help people nationwide. 

Our Blood Based Nutrition service gives you an opportunity to identify exactly what your body needs. This service can be done remotely from anywhere inside the US.

The most efficient way to see what is going on in your body is to get tested.
Unfortunately, our culture is filled with toxic things. From the food you eat, to the ingredients in your personal care products, you are in a constant state of fighting off toxins. This is unnatural, and taxes your body.
Often times after years of your body processing these unnatural materials, 
it leads to the breakdown of the body and rapid aging.

As a culture we are nutrient deficient.

How do you know what nutrients your body needs?


Your body was created to heal itself when given the right ingredients.
Our Blood Based Nutrition service gives you an opportunity to identify exactly what your body needs. 
Once we identify what your body needs, we give you access to the exact nutritional support that treats your underlying cause not just the symptom.

Look below to see why our blood work services 
are more in-depth then the competition.


-CBC (Complete Blood Count)
-Basic Chemistry
-Basic Metabolic Panel
-Thyroid Panel


-Blood Typing
-Glucose Levels & A1C
-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
-Liver Panel
-Lipid Panel
-Thyroid Panel
-CBC (Complete Blood Count)
-Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate - Westergren (ESR)
-C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
-Creatine Kinase
-Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy
-Complete Urinalysis


-Male/Female Hormone Profile
-Male/Female Cancer Profile
-Cleveland Heart Panel
-2 Different Heavy Metal Panels

1) Hair to check long term exposure
2) Provocative Urine to check current exposure and metals hidden inside tissue.

Our thorough blood analyzer will tell us your exact nutrient deficiencies. 
We will not only provide you with your in-depth report to ensure you have what you need to get your health back on track, but each report will also include a recorded report analysis by Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane.

Watch this video to understand why Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane uses this system.

We will create you a plan based on your bloodwork.
The most efficient way we offer to determine your body's specific needs is to have one of our professional staff members run your blood work through our blood analyzer.

The most effective way to know what deficiencies you have, is to get our comprehensive blood panel. 
Our blood work service exceeds the competition because of how in-depth our blood panel goes. By taking the guess work out, we narrow your treatment to only include the exact nutritional support that you need based on your test results. 

Receive your in-depth health analysis along with a personalized video of 
Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane analyzing your results. 

This service is accessible from anywhere in the country. 

Have recent blood work that is 3 months or newer?
Fill out the Patient Symptom Survey by clicking the button below, and send us your current blood work and we will run it through our analyzer and generate a thorough report explaining each marker that is out of range, along with a nutritional recommendation to bring the specific biomarkers back into the optimal range.

Receive your in-depth health analysis along with a personalized video of  
Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane analyzing your results. 

This service is accessible from anywhere in the country. 

Do you have questions about our services? 
Click the button below to send us a message.

*To protect your information and stay in compliance with HIPAA, your reply may be sent through our Patient Portal. 
If necessary, instructions on how to access your Patient Portal account will be sent to the email provided.

Nature provides

What makes our nutritional support different? 
Our Whole Food Nutritional Support is Predigested to ensure the delivery of nutrients to your blood stream.

Don't waste your time or money on supplements that are not made from natural material, or supplements that do not adsorbs on a cellular level.

Watch this video to see what makes our Whole Food, Predigested Nutritional Support better then the competition.

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Remote healing is becoming more popular in the midst of these difficult times.
 Watch this 2 min video to see how Dr. Danny can help you with his Hypnotic Installation Technique. 

Reprogramming your subconscious to align with your goals in life is crucial to success.
According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, 95-99%% of your life comes from your subconscious programming. So by definition, your life is a printout of your subconscious programs. Listen to our hypnosis tracks everyday and your subconscious will be reprogrammed to align with your goals and help you achieve your dreams.

Click the button below to learn more about 
Dr. Danny McLane's Hypnotic Installations, and how they can help you.

About Dr. Danny McLane

B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science
2020 Continental Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award for Doctors in Chicago
2018, 2019 Illinois TOP DOC Award.

Postdoctoral Training In:

  • ​Acupuncture
  • ​Addictionology and Compulsive Behaviors
  • ​Applied Kinesiology
  • ​Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists.
  • ​​Certified Instructor for Touch For Health Kinesiology
  • ​Functional Medicine/Applied Chemistry
  • ​Functional Neurology (Specializing in Autism Spectrum, Geriatric and Pediatric )
  • ​Master Level Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming
  • ​Traditional Chinese Medicine

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"I have been a patient at 3 different chiropractic clinics over the past 10 years. I have had the best results with the current physicians at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic. My long time concerns and issues have been addressed using different techniques and treatment than I ever was given before and I have had much better results and relief. I was pleasantly surprised when my entire skeletal frame was addressed as this had not been the case before; it made a big difference in the results. I would highly recommend working with these professionals to find relief and feel better."

"My experience at Dr. Danny's office went beyond my expectations. He is an incredible doctor and person who is extremely attentive to his patients, and creates a real sense of comfort and trust even after just knowing him a few minutes. On top of that, he is incredibly smart well versed in what he does. He help me with a lower back issue that has been plaguing me for several years that a prior chiropractor hadn't been able to really help with. He was also able to help with digestive issues I've had, and in general you just leave feeling great and like he really listened to you, which I don't find with most doctors. I would honestly recommend him to anyone. He really works some magic!"

"Dr. Danny has given me amazing care from the littlest problems such as allergies up to issues of chronic back and leg pains that have caused difficulties in everyday life. His ability to get to the root of every problem and give relief almost immediately is astounding and unlike anything I have seen from any other chiropractor. I would recommend the care from this business to any of my friends and family."

"... I began the Weight Loss program under Dr. Danny McLane, and found it changed not only my shape, but my health and my life! I lost 80 lbs, and turned my health around. Before implementing the changes as outlined by the program, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, and had difficulty walking due to my wieght, plus a hip problem. Under Dr. McLane's care, I was able to shed the toxic fat, turn the clock back twenty years, and felt like a new person! Dr. McLane has also treated other health needs. His holistic, natural approach ties into the philosophy I espouse. I highly recommend him as a physician, and healer."

"Dr. Danny is incredibly gifted. I struggled with infertility for a year and decided to go to him instead of fertility drugs. After a few appointments, that were painless and noninvasive, I got pregnant. He has helped me overcome my anxiety and has helped get my mind and body back into a healthy state. My family and I are are very much grateful for the work that Dr Danny has dedicated himself too.

"My experience with ADIO clinic has has been positive, especially in the last few months. Dr Danny has used several approaches in successfully adjusting my neck & back. Furthermore, Jill has brought much relief with the swelling & circulation problem in my leg. The pain is totally gone. I would definitely recommend ADIO as a source of non-invasive, immediate and drug free relief from pain, pinched nerves and general awareness of postural habits that contribute towards chronic pain."

"I've been a patient of Dr. Danny for several years now. I can honestly say that he's helped me through many difficult times in my life. Not only from a physical standpoint, but also emotionally. I've referred several of my friends to him, as I trust him to take care of their needs as individuals. He is not a "one size fits all" Dr., instead he takes time to figure out your needs, and customizes a plan around that."

"Dr. Danny is the real deal. On top of being outstandingly knowledgeable and humble, he is fluent in breaking down and explaining everything he's doing (and why it works) in a way that's easy to understand. As his patient, You are the priority. You can be sure that if you go to Dr. Danny, he's got your back. (literally)"

"Dr. McLane is amazing at what he does. I had a cough for week and he had me use some of his oils and I never feel better. No doctor has ever cared so much and listen to what wrong before just picking something off the shelf. He knows what he is talking about and I never want to go back to normal medicine again."

"We love going to ADIO as a first stop for all of our health care needs. Dr. Danny does an amazing job with getting to the root cause of the issue and really knows his stuff! He is also great with our two daughters (10 months and 2-1/2 years). We have found relief for all sorts of issues including: headaches, neck/back pain, allergies, stomach issues, stress, sleep issues, and so on. It is so nice to have so many services like Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture all in one place!! I strongly recommend anyone check them out!"

"ADIO has the best chiropractors I have ever seen. They embrace a completely holistic approach to healthcare and are skilled at not only minimally invasive adjustment techniques, but also naturopathic medicine, pain relief modalities and essential oil therapy. I've been to many chiropractors over the years (I am a nurse with chronic back and leg problems) and am extremely impressed with Dr Danny. I would never hesitate to recommend him to my patients, friends and family. He has also helped me successfully lose weight naturally after trying everything over the the past twenty years. ADIO also has the best massage therapists in Lake County!!"

"I have lived with a list of many things that I could not eat with out having to run to the ladies room, for 8+ years. I was "intolerant" to so many things, the worst being garlic, which made it near impossible to eat out, anywhere! With just a couple visits with Dr Danny and his crew....I CAN EAT...with out the urgent need for the bathroom nearby! He has changed my life so drastically that I am looking forward to living my life! Now, I will be able to go out with family and friends when ever I want, something I used to take for granted! I love life again, now that I can eat! I know that Dr Danny has me on the true road to wellness, I have faith he will get me there!"

Jennifer D.
"Whenever given an opportunity to share my testimonies of Dr. Danny - I most certainly will! Being a patient for several years now I have experienced many different hands on healing with Dr. Danny - chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology, weight loss, hypnosis, but most recently I have experience his 'hands on' healing sessions as his gift has evolved and grown. His approach is gentle, direct and caring but with the sole purpose of healing what ails you. "

Robyn R.
"I would highly recommend this incredible tag team! ☺ Last night (4/30) they both assisted me with a very stressful family issue that had been going on way too long. Lisa became my voice and Dr. Danny (first time working with him) placed a protective shield around me. My family discussion was like no other I had ever experienced in my 56 year's of life with them! Everything went smoothly. I was hard, respected, and agreed with. I felt like I was having a discussion with different family. Lol My family conference call was a huge success, thanks to them! "

"I adore Dr Danny with all of my heart. He has healed me and my boys time after time. When I am sick we would always see him first. Now when we are sick- I reach out to both of them- Dr Dan and Lisa- and I have absolutely no doubts they will heal me or my boys.
Thanks for listening. I really hope this helps you get to know more about him. Go to his website- or youtube channel, he has endless videos where he explains vast things he can do or help you with. A lot if it cab certainly be done remotely (hypnosis, energy healing, etc)..
Dr Danny is unforgettable. And will no doubt change your life. Definitely someone that you want to keep "in your back pocket". I always tell people "I gotta guy!"

Lisa B.
"I personally have had several hands on healing and remote healing sessions with Dr McLane. I have had several issues come up with my health that only he has been able to help me with. Danny has a way of stepping in when others would have given up on you long ago. I had my childhood traumas that we worked through- and I finally was able to release them. Like I said it wasn't easy. I was angry and cried a lot (even yelled out a couple of times)- but knowing Dr Danny was there with me- I felt safe- and never alone. He's a protector. And wants nothing but to heal each and every one of us that is hurting. Allow him that chance. It is worth every penny. Life changing stuff. Don't just take it from me find out for yourself. ❤ 

Kelly S. B.
"Dr Danny is amazing. I have had several face to face services with him. I have several autoimmune diseases that need addressing. I was at an appointment not feeling well in general. He laid his hand on my head and I literally felt the discomfort flow down my body and out my toes. It was so incredible. He is incredible."

Jennifer L.
"A very powerful boost today, getting my personalized hypnosis from Dr. Danny McLane in a couple days. Hubby recently having a tag team to help him. My family and I getting healthier everyday with great support in the weight loss community. Always helping with my mental health and now this. Woohoo so much to be grateful for. Soooo happy. ❤"

"Knowing Dr Danny is teaming up with Lisa makes my heart sing! I fell upon Lisa because of one of Dr Danny's staff members only a few months ago. They are two of the most influential and powerful healing human beings I have ever had the honor of knowing. He is a healer. Of mind, body, and spirit. And it is exciting to see him grow here with Lisa, as her student. They are a phenomenal tag team- I experienced this first hand. The healing power they have together is almost indescribable and worth every single penny."

"He has literally saved my life. I showed up on his doorstep broken in so many ways. It is not always been easy. He is part of my weekly self care routine. A trip to his office to see him and his staff. He is quite blunt about the things you should not do- should stop doing- all for the best interest of your health. He is caring kind and is non stop learning how to make peoples lives better. How to save his starfish- one at a time (check out his Starfish story- it's beyond excellent! I was actually one of the starfish that participated). I have watched Dr Danny grow as a practitioner over these years and I am so damn proud of him and the highly skilled staff he has surrounding him."

"Dr Danny will always greet you with a smile and a "hiya!" As he rounds the door to the room you are waiting in. And he pretty much can tell what is wrong with you after a moment or two without you even having to say a word. He is high energy, vastly skilled, and always seeks to find the source of your pain and suffering as a chiropractor and holistic practitioner. He is one of a kind doctor that has never had to "sell himself or his practice". People come to him- literally in droves. Almost all referrals. He may not always have the immediate answer or "fix" to your issue. But dammit he will work his ass off to find out what is going on as long as you are open and willing to endure what is necessary and be patient along the way. Have faith. He does. In you, your family, your everything."

Lynda B.
"Me too....my session with you and Dr Danny was nothing short of magical. It I could have levitated that day, I don't think it could have gotten any better. 💚 Testimony....Lisa is fucking fantastic and I love her ❤ TRUST and BELIEVE in her and she will not do you wrong. Ever. But also, TRUST THE PROCESS. It is a process. You didn't get to where you are today overnight. Your healing and whatever else you are seeking from Lisa may not happen overnight either. Sometimes it does and that's great, good for you! But sometimes it is gradual and that's good too. Do your part, keep your word, don't be an ass hole. Have a great weekend and peace be with you ❤ "

Diane C. B.
"So my friend turned me onto Lisa Brown. I have to say she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. After one session with Lisa and Danny McLane I can now drink without choking and I am eating again. After a second session I have been breathing a little easier. Hoping to see you both soon. They are located in Libertyville at 316 Peterson Road "

Renee B. I.
"Today I had the honor of being worked on by both Dr Danny and Lisa! It was beyond amazing! I was able to release old crap that has been weighing me down for most of my life. I felt a feeling of happiness that I had never felt before, not like this...it was calming and peaceful. I am so grateful for these 2 highly skilled healers to be in my life and I recommend to anyone who gets the chance, to do it!! Thank you both for your continued love and care!!! 💓"

"I am a single mom struggling to make ends meet but I wanted to meet Lisa bad enough that I rearranged my budget to make it happen. Holistic healing is very important to me and I have been a patient of Dr Danny McLane and a client of Renee for years. So knowing they trusted Lisa I didn't give it a second thought. 
The day I walked into the clinic to meet Lisa I could feel her there. As soon as I walked through the door I became emotional inside. I felt her presence. I had other work done prior to meeting Lisa and when I finally did see her I gave her the biggest hug and opened myself up to receive all the healing she provided for me. "

Donna T.
"Testimony: without getting into any major details Because the whole thing is very private, somebody who just didn't mind their own business almost wrecked my life completely. I cant even describe the amount of damage that was done. Lisa warned me it would be really hard to recover from it but she suggested bringing in also Dr McLane to help as a tag team. Well, miracles do happen and though things aren't back to normal yet (I know it will take time) there has definitely been a positive shift from the very menacing outcome that I was facing. Thank you, Lisa....I know you have my back all the time, so much love for you! 💙"

Nicole T.
"This goblin (pictured child) wasnt feeling well yesterday and last night has a cough. With current world events I freaked out and I immediately sent Lisa money and waited for her to message me. (See how I did that people?) Her response to messaging me was "it's okay calm down" Guess who is back and driving me insane already today? Yep this Turd Muffin. Lol I will take no chances with mt child and his health during this pandemic. Thank you Lisa Brown and Dr McLane for healing everyone that you have and will in the future."

Steve N.
"I have known doctor Danny for almost a decade now and over the years he has helped me with an endless amount of problems, now solved. Many years back I had injured my forearm with the job that I di that is very physical and requires my arm and hand constantly. He did this through acupuncture, massage and regular adjustments. The pain was unbearable at times. And now years later it still is working perfectly. Zero pain. I have sent many of my personal family members as well as friends to go see him to help them with their ailments and all of them have loved the experience as well."

"Doctor Danny also has helped me with my personal life. This involved some intense coaching and guidance. He helped me with the loss of a loved one, divorce, as well as helping me overcome complacency. Doctor Danny has also helped me as a business owner through his brain training program which has changed my life! Basically I walk in with a situation That I am dealing with and he reprograms my brain to completely overcome it. It is magical, but it absolutely works! He helps me thunk my way through problems and is an amazing coach, pointing out different aspects of a situation that I hadn't thought of, making sure that I am thorough in my analysis. I highly recommend Dr Danny!! "

Darlene A. D.
"This testimony is for Dr. Danny McLane. I wanted to post on his group, but I was not able to post it there. Yesterday I was the first time I bought a boost from him through Ko-Fi and I was not sure if he got it, I know how busy he can get. But last night after I paid for the boost I got to talk to my good friend D after not hearing from him in a few days. Then this morning my good friend added more votes to my film project so I was also very happy about that. At the dentist everything went well today too. Thanks again for your help! Glad that you and Lisa found each other- the "Magical Dream Team"! 😍"

Taylor K.
"Thank you Lisa Brown and Dr Danny McLane for the healing yesterday ❤ my anxiety is finally calm enough that I was actually hungry today and had the motivation to go grocery shopping and make supper 😍 I cant wait to see the rest of the healing perks! 😁 "

Charita V.
"I've got a testimony. Maybe not one with a happy ending but at least there is some closure. My friends daughter went missing on Lake Mead last Wednesday night. Yesterday I asked Lisa for help. She highlighted an area on the map and I forwarded it to my friend who was already searching that area. Lisa and Dr. d stayed with her so she Wouldnt drift further out until they found her. Thank you. They have her and can lay her to rest. I know this missing was hard for you my friend. Please whenever you can, help her father(my friend) and her family. He finds peace knowing she is with her sister now. Thank you Lisa and Dr Danny. Thank you for telling the rescuer where she was too."

Renee B.
""The more you give the ore you get", we hear Miss Lisa say all the time. Her and Dr McLane have been the only source of pain relief for my mom, who is trying to die with some grace. Last night she spent half the night working on my m, even after tag team healing was complete. She did this because of her integrity, and ability to help others in need. This is ingrained in her and Dr. McLane! I dont give, with the expectation of receiving more than I pay for, but I get EXTRA ALL THE TIME! Dont give to expect extra, give because we need these 2 amazing folks in our lives! Thank you both again for helping my mama!! 😍❤🎯 "

Jenny D.
"A thank you...
Liss thank you for allowing me to share my journey of healing with you and Dr Danny yesterday during our interview. 
It is an honor to be able to share my message with others around the world. Thank you for helping my find voice and for having the courage to face the lifetime of trauma. 
My hope is that others will see the value in your mission and seek your help to change their lives. 
Thank you again. I have not felt this free in decades. 💓💓"

Sharrie F. M.
"I cant say enough!! I love how amazing these two are!! I am the biggest skeptic, but time and time again they prove to me their amazing abilities! I NEVER really write on these things, but I had to share my feelings! 👍Give it a go....what do you have to lose? "

Darlene A. D.
"Thanks for the healing you did on my friend D. He is much better now. You are amazing! 😍"

"I owe so much to these 2! I have come so far in these past couple of months. I can fi allt look at the future and my plans instead of being miserable about the things that have happened to me in my past. Now, I can start working towards a huge hopefully positive change in my life. Thank you so much and yes, we have to talk about my plans!! 😍❤
Tag Team Healing- I have had 2. The first was because Lisa messaged me and told me that I was exploded to COVID when physically I was feeling miserable. Within 1/2 hour, I was already feeling better and by the morning, back to normal. The second was yesterday to help me keep going in a positive direction and help with my confidence and anxiety. And I have to say that I feel better than I have in a very long time! 
Spells/wishes- I have had many and each ine has been a success! The majority of the time, I leave it up to Liss about what would be the best for me! She knows me well! 
Drop ins- I cant forget this one! The 1st time I was in January and I was shoveling the snow in my driveway. Inuncovered a perfect heart shape that had melted away. I walked by it and it caught my eye and stopped me dead in my tracks. She said that she knee I needed that at that moment and I did. She has also left feathers for me. I know it is not her because they stop me in my tracks like when I found her heart. Now, whenever something catches my eye and stops me in my tracks, whatever it may be, I know it is Lisa checking in on me. "