Blood Based Nutrition
Current Blood Work Analysis

Congratulations on taking the next step in obtaining optimal health.

Running your current blood work through our analyzer will tell us what your body's specific needs are. You will receive an in-depth report containing a thorough analysis and interpretation of your blood biomarkers and everything that is out of range.

Your results will be reviewed by Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane, and he will record a personalized video analysis of your Report. Once you receive your Report and Health Analysis, you will have access to our Optimal Health Systems nutritional support. This will provide the nutrients needed to get your body from functional to optimal.

Here are some of the many benefits patients have received from following our services.

  • Better sleep
  • More Energy
  • Less Pain
  • ​less inflammation
  • ​less brain fog
  • ​and overall better quality of life.
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Step 1 - Submit blood work

Submit recent blood work that is 3 months or newer by sending a PDF to
Include with your PDF, a current height and weight,
Blood pressure is optional but helpful

Step 2 - Patient Symptom Survey

Within 1-2 business days of purchasing, you will be emailed our Patient Symptom Survey. Fill this out as thoroughly as possible.

Step 3 - Report and Video Analysis

After we have gathered your results and ran your report, Dr. Danny McLane will review your report, and record your personalized analysis. This process takes 3-5 business days, or more based on volume.
During this process you will receive an email containing instructions on how to create your Patient Portal account, along with updates sent through your Patient Portal account.
A PDF of your report, along with your Health Analysis video will be sent to your Patient Portal account.
The report, and Health Analysis are designed to answer the vast majority of the questions you may have.
If you have additional questions, we offer consults with Dr. McLane starting at $150/30 minutes.
Once your Report and Health Analysis are completed, they will be sent to your Patient Portal account.

In order to be HIPAA Compliant and keep your information safe, we use our protected Patient Portal system through Practice Studio

Step 4 - Begin Treatment

After you have received your Report and Health Analysis, you will receive a call from our Functional Medicine Team, along with a link to purchase the nutritional support outlined in your Report.
We recommend everyone to follow the treatment plan outlined in the report for the duration listed, however this is your health and your decision, we are simply here to offer guidance for you to reach your health goals.
All treatment plans and duration will be as dictated by Functional Medicine Doctor Danny McLane.

Step 5 - Retest

Should you decide to begin your treatment, we strongly recommend getting your blood retested after the treatment duration. We recommend either requesting your PCP to reorder the same blood work you had done, or we can order our Comprehensive Blood Panel through any LabCorp in the country.
For more information on ordering our Comprehensive Blood Panel click the button below.

If you have questions regarding if this service is for you, click the button below to ask Dr. Danny any questions you may have.

*To protect your information and stay in compliance with HIPAA, your reply may be sent through our Patient Portal.
If necessary, instructions on how to access your Patient Portal account will be sent to the email provided.

Note: Many ailments are hidden inside your blood. Our blood work is designed to give us the clearest picture possible of what is going on inside of you. We will be able to provide for you a complete treatment plan based on your current results but please be aware that due to the limits of standard routine blood work, your analysis may not be as thorough as your needs require. For a more in-depth analysis check out our comprehensive blood panels.

About Us
 Our goal is to reach as many people as possible bringing natural solutions based on the best of both functional medicine and science. The truth is heart disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in our culture, but the solution is often times not that complex. Many times the medications prescribed can cause other symptoms to pop up. We take a natural approach that is very efficient because after running your blood work we know your bodies specific needs. With treatment and a slight shift in your lifestyle, we can get you on the right track. We are here to make a positive impact on as many peoples lives as possible through nutrition.